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Automatic box heat hot shrink packing machine

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  • JY-ZR720


It is applicable to a large number of heat shrinkable packages in software, food, cosmetics, printing, pharmacy, flooring, ceramics, beverages, hardware and other industries.

Performance characteristics:

1. Totally enclosed packaging.

2. Automatic film feeding, bag making, sealing and cutting, waste collection, leveling, shrinkage and packaging of finished products are completed at one time.

3. Thermostatic special aluminum alloy sealing cutter, anti sticking, thin sealing line, non coking, non smoking, zero pollution.

4. The cutter will rebound automatically after cutting the packaging film.

5. The size of the package can be adjusted freely without changing the mold.

6. The conveyor belt is completely covered with PTFE heat insulation pipe, which is not hot and does not damage the film.

7. The contraction chamber adopts a double circulation hot air system, and the temperature can be adjusted at will.

8. The conveying motor is a stepless variable speed motor with long service life and low noise.


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