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Semi-automatic brush packing machine for special shape of chocolates

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  • JY-SC2010B

Usage: This machine is suitable for hemispherical, heart shape, polygon and other flat shaped chocolate candy material packaging.

Technical parameters:

Total weight: 1200kg

Power supply: 380v 50hz 3 phase

Packing speed: 50-200 bags

Packing film recommendation: 0.01-0.012mm aluminum foil

Dimensions: 3100*1900*1400mm

Air source: 0.6MPa


1. Adopt precision high-speed CAM transmission structure and reasonable mechanical design to improve the production efficiency and stability of the whole machine operation.

2. Japan Panasonic PLC and color sensor, to achieve automatic paper correction, no material no paper feed function, color paper pattern positioning accurate, high yield.

3. The machine can be equipped with automatic material handling conveyor line to achieve automatic material handling function.


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