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Down Film N95 Mask Packaging Machine

  • JY-ZX300


Down film pillow packing machine


Machine size: 3800*900*1330mm

Packaging speed:50-400bags/min

Finished bag size:50-1000mm

Packaging film material:OPP/CPP/PET/Aluminum coating, aluminum plastic film, paper plastic, paper glue and other single-layer and multi-layer heat sealing materials.

Total weight: 600kg

Power: 2.8kw

Power supply: 220V  50Hz  


It is applicable to the packaging of solid objects with regular shapes, such as biscuits, chocolate, extra-long candy, bread, egg yolk pie, instant noodles, ice lolly, ice cream, moon cakes and other foods, medicines, daily necessities, aviation knives and forks, hardware accessories, etc.

Performance Characteristics:

1. Three servo touch screen control system,easy operation and stable performance.

2. High precision photoelectric tracking system, automatic cutting tracking, automatic package quantity count.

3. Each sealing part with independent temperature display and control, suitable for a variety of material packing film.

4. Adjustment bag former,applicable to a variety of package width.

5. Extra device optional, such as :auto date printer, air inflation device, automatic film roller, automatic feeding hopper, no material no work device.

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