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Automatic Feeding Truffle Chocolate Pillow Packing Machine

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  • JY-L1000


Auto feeding truffle chocolate pillow packing machine


Packing speed: 50-1200bags/min

Products dimension: L15-200*W15-60*H5-30mm

Total weight: 3500kg

Total power: 9.5kw

Power source: 380V  50Hz


It is applied for the pillow packing of products with easy broken surface, such as chocolate, various chocolate coated products, cake, Swiss roll and  other types of enrobing products.

Performance Characteristics

1.Can be connected directly with production line, make products sending, forming, filling and sealing with fully automatic.

2.Full automatic, Photoelectric sensor tracking system, no empty package.

3.Multiply Servo motor configuration (Nine servo motor) simply construction, easy maintenance.

4.With automatic film roll link, Reduce packaging waste and improve work efficiency

High speed, Durable structure.

packaging pictures:

         3                                                              11cec74fac54a38a39baf66a9cbfede

Some detailed pictures of the machine:


2    3    4


Contact Parts with food all uses the 304 stainless steel structure, it ensures the high food hygiene requirement.


Nine servo motors system, Synchronous belt transmission, touch screen display. Servo motors advatange: fast reaction, flexible adjustment, low maintenance cost. Structure compact, stable working performance. Double Electric cabinet design, mechanical and electric parts are separated, reaches the europe requirement.



Convenient belt discharge structure


Product Category