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Automatic Feeding Marshmallow Pillow Packing Machine

  • JY-L600


Automatic feeding marshmallow packing machine


Packing speed: 50-800bags/min

Products dimension: L20-150*W10-60*H8-30mm

Total weight: 1700kg

Total power: 7.3kw

Power source: 380V  50Hz


Mainly for round shape, cylindrical shape, oval shape, half round shape and other regular shaped product packaging such as rice cake, oat chocolate, egg roll, biscuit, candy floss, etc.

Performance Characteristics

1.Can be connected directly with production line, make products sending, forming, filling and sealing with fully automatic.

2.Full automatic, Photoelectric sensor tracking system, no empty package.

3.Multiply Servo motor configuration (Nine servo motor) simply construction, easy maintenance.

4.With paper splicer system and it can change the film roller automatically without stop, which improves the working efficiency.

5.the feeding belts don’t need tools to release or install. There is wastage plate under the belts and it is easy for maintenance and clean and it saves time and labor.

Packaging pictures:

图片3 棉花糖夹心 L600-5


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