High speed fully automatic feeding and packing machine
Application of Machine
Suitable for pillow packaging of fragile surface and vulnerable products. Such as Chocolate Wafer, Cookies,Swiss roll, Shaqima,Nougat Bar , etc.
◎ Advanced full servo touch screen control system, Simple transmission structure,Low failure rate, low noise and smooth operation
◎ It can be connection with production equipment to fully automatic production line. Improve production efficiency and reduce costs.
◎ Control system adopt high quality electrical components, touch screen display, easy operation
◎ Equipped automatic film roll chaining which can be achieve non-stop replacement of packaging film to improve production efficiency.
◎ Tool-less belt exchange for fast and easy cleaning. Removable crumb tray under the belt for easy cleaning and maintanence.
◎ Automatic material tracking system, package rate 100% no empty space

Technical Parameters
Package picture

General View of whole machine
Successful case